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From: Martin Cory
Subject: Colleen’s Erotic AdventuresThis story contains details of explicit sexual acts.If you’re under eighteen, or are turned off by explicit
sexual contact, stop reading here. Otherwise, enjoy!
Colleen’s Erotic Adventures 1by Martin Cory
My little sister caught me masturbating once; I didn’t notice her at
I had found some old dirty magazines in the basement; I opened one up. It
had pictures of hairy men with mustaches and giant penises; at least, they
looked giant to me (I was fifteen at the time). There were women too; most
of them had big tits and long hair; their pussies were almost always
The women in the pictures were sucking the men’s penises and the men would
stick them into the girl’s pussies and fuck them. I had never seen
pictures like this before; I knew about sex, as far as all the scientific
stuff, but I also knew sex as something dirty and forbidden, so when I
found the magazines and saw the pictures I felt…naughty…because they
really turned me on.
I flipped through each snapshot and could see the couples engaged in real
dirty sex. In some pictures the girls were on their hands and knees while
the men fucked them from behind; the girls had their butt’s way up in the
air behind them, spreading their ass cheeks and pussies open for the man
to stick his dick in. My pussy got so wet looking at these lewd pictures;
I checked to see if anyone was around then stuck my hand in my pants; I
wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to touch myself.
I began rubbing my little pussy and kept flipping the pages. There were
some pictures with two girls and a guy; they looked so good naked. One
girl held the guy’s cock and the other girl gladly took it in her mouth;
they took turns sucking it. Then the girls kissed; this was something
different; I had heard about lesbians, but it just didn’t make sense to
me. When I saw it though, I don’t know…but it made my pussy tingle and I
just wanted to rub it more.
I turned the page and my whole outlook on lesbians became clear. One girl
was sprawled out on a bed with her legs spread Naked Preteen wide open, revealing her
big wet pussy; and the other girl was licking all over it. The guy had his
dick in her mouth while she got her pussy licked by the other girl. It was
so out-of-sight; I couldn’t believe how dirty it looked; the girl must
have loved it. I couldn’t think of anything Naked Preteen
dirtier; sucking a giant dick
while a girl ate your pussy…oh! I rubbed harder Naked Preteen until I had an orgasm…holy
I straightened myself out and went to my room; I brought the magazine with
me. When I got to my room I took off all my clothes and got into my bed; I
lay there naked and began flipping through the pages again; I went back to
the pictures of the two girls and guy. In one picture the girl is on her
hands and knees; the other girl was behind her spreading her ass cheeks
apart and licking her asshole! Oh my god! …It was so nasty!
I spread my legs wide under my covers and started masturbating; my hips
were gyrating as I felt my pussy; just rubbing up and down and all
around…how dirty! …Those girls were so dirty! Oh, I bet it feels good to
have a girl do that! I thought if it makes me feel good just looking at
it, it must feel great doing it. I imagined having my butt licked out like
that; just being a little slut and spreading my ass while another nasty
little slut licked me.
On the next page the girls were in a sixty-nine position and the guy
fucked the girl on top while the other girl licked her Naked Preteen pussy from
underneath…oh…they were dirty little whores, willing to do anything; and
they looked so good; their naked bodies were white; their flesh woven into
each other; and the guys skin, especially his dick, was darker in
contrast. It seemed like the girls were so pure yet had succumbed to such
lustful desire; they had become sluts to the pleasures of their own filthy
And now, watching them, my own imagination was going wild. I’d reach
orgasm after orgasm looking at the pictures and jerking-off under my
covers.Copyright 1998-2002 Martin Cory. All Rights Reserved
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